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photo of Anthony Anthony John Bailey -
30/6 Elbe Street
Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 7HW, United Kingdom

For more than is on this hCard, try my PoCo @self.

This page has been the permanent home for my details since 2001. You should trust it.

But if it goes stale, try my parents. Not sure you know me? Read this bio.

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The blog gets updated infrequently, with overthought essays.

The tumblelog is noisier. Historically.


Some people that I "know".


This is only scratchily populated.

Sorry also for the lack of machine-readability.

Last chance contact details

If the contact details found here go stale, you could try my mother. Write c/o 14 Chatsworth Park, 138 Holly Lane East, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 2BT, UK (+44-17-3735-1553.)


In case you aren't sure if this is the right Anthony Bailey, here are some clues.

On the Net, I've always been 'Anthony', no nicknames. Previous emails: I was briefly, then for several years, and then from 1999.

On the planet, I was born in the south of England on 1970.12.21. I did math and computer science type degrees at Oxford, then Edinburgh, then Manchester. Since 1998 I've lived in Edinburgh. I worked in software at Voxar, now a part of Toshiba Medical. In 2006 I joined Amazon at their Developer Centre in Scotland.